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Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable 6-Person Boat

The Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable 6-Person Boat is your partner when you go to that fishing trip you always wanted. Designed eloquently for fishing trips, this boat will get you and your buddies closer to that salmon faster than you can imagine. All comprehensive items needed are included except for your fishing rod and bait. This boat comes with a pair of fishing rod holders, distinctive air chambers, chafing pads, comfortable pads that can be inflated, battery pouch, equipment pouch, multiple oar holders, drain plugs, multiple oarlocks, safety valves etc. An easy to use repair kit is also included.

Features of Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable 6-Person Boat

  • Light with respect to size and inflatable
  • Reinforced with strong laminated PVC
  • Air chambers with distinctive tunnel function
  • Battery & Gear pouches
  • Multiple rod holders for both sides
  • Chafing pads
  • Multiple inflatable cushions
  • Additional oarlocks, oar holders and drain plugs
  • Safety valves
  • Supports the mounting of external motor
  • Easy to use repair kit included
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Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable 6-Person Boat Reviews

sevylor fish hunter inflatable

Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable 6-Person Boat has had a mixed review so far. Most of them were above three stars with and about three-fourth people giving it 5 stars. One of the customers who gave it five stars said that he purchased it for rafting in the local lakes. Alongside the boat he bought a small electric motor, marine battery and boat boots. To see also : Intex Seahawk II Fishing Boat in 2021. He said the boat inflates very easily but the boots made him uncomfortable. He fished all day without any other problems and had a big catch. He mentioned that he used an electric pumper to inflate the boat but occasionally he had to use the foot pumper, as the electric one will not do the trick alone. He said the boat felt very secure, the seats were also comfortable and he would recommend it for everyone.

Another customer who gave it a three star review said that the boat was not wide enough and it is hard for two grownups to sit side by side. He said all the other things were fine but he really wanted some more space to go along.

The mixed reviews for Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable 6-Person Boat should not get your hopes down though, you should find out for yourself.

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