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Intex Seahawk II Fishing Boat in 2021

With a ton of features the new Intex Seahawk II Boat Set is a sturdy inflatable boat suite. Four people can easily be seated and it hosts the perfect getaway with your friends or family. It is tiny enough to fit in the back of your car so you do not need anything bigger. All you have to do is pack it in the back, drive to the lake, pump up and you are well on your way for your boat trip. This coast guard certified boat comes with high output pump and a pair of aluminum oars.

Other things also included are battery pouch, gear pouch, two air chambers for caution, handles for both ways, grab ropes, stiff and comfortable inflatable floor, oarlocks that can be rotated, a pair of holders for fishing rods etc. This boat can be swiftly inflated and deflated, due to the fact that it has two Boston valves in the main hull chamber for that purpose. The construction is made extra strong by using three separate layers of material. The interior is made with polyester mesh and the outer two layers are heavy-gauge PVC laminated for increased durability.

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Features of Intex Seahawk II Boat Set

  • Lines can be grabbed around the entire boat
  • Supports double holders for fishing rods
  • Strong comfortable inflatable floor
  • Extra pads that can be inflated
  • Battery and equipment pouch
  • Oarlocks (soldered) that can be rotated
  • Handles can be used from both sides
  • Oars made of aluminum (54 inch long) with holders
  • Supports external motors
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The Intex Seahawk II Fishing Boat Reviews

There has been many customer reviews for Intex Seahawk II Boat Set and of that maximum were above 4 stars, which is very impressive. One of the customers who gave five stars said that he initially wanted to rent a boat to go rafting in Lake Tahoe but found out that it costs $35 per person. So instead he bought the Intex Seahawk II Boat Set and life jackets for his children from Amazon. He said that the weather was windy and by noon the water had became very violent. To see also : St.Croix Legend Elite Fly Rod Review. Even though he had no experience in maneuvering such a boat he said it was fairly comfortable. He mentioned that even after hitting lots of stones and twigs the boat did not show any sign of damage and looked as good as new. He gave a good recommendation for this boat.

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Another customer who gave this boat a four star had found some minor problems. He said that the pump provided worked fine but the three air compartment in the boat was too big to fill just by hand-pumping. He instead chose to use a battery operated pumper. He mentioned a problem with oarlocks that they did not always fit with the oars provided. Even though he found these few problems he said that the boat was fine in every other way.

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