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Best Fishing Rods in 2021 Buying Guide

If you travel a lot – you will need something that you can disassemble and put it in your backpack or under the seat of your vehicle. If you are mostly fishing in pond or just want to avoid vegetation while casting, a basic fishing rod will work for you.

A lightweight rod with good casting will work wonders for your kids fishing skills. You do not want to hinder his movements by giving him a heavy pole – no matter how costly it is.

Top 8 Fishing Rods for Beginners

A lightweight rod with smooth reel will do good for catching 6 lb fishes with ease but same will fail in sea water. On the same subject : St.Croix Legend Elite Fly Rod Review. People who love fishing will need sturdy rod with strong reel.

Take a look at eight of the best rods for your fishing needs when you are starting out. You will fall in love with one of them for sure.

1. South Bend Worm Gear Spinning Fishing Rod Combo

gear spinning fishing rod combo

It is one of the best fishing rod available in low price range – just around twelve dollars. It is for basic fishing needs and will perform best for trout, redfish or anything up to four five lbs. This may interest you : Danielsson Control Fly Reels Review. It has good sensitivity and comes with open reel.

It is not for heavy duty fishing as rod is hollow and short and bigger fishes will be too heavy for its line. It is available in three colors – orange, red, blue. But there is no option to choose colors while purchasing. Sometimes reel makes an irritating sound but nothing to worry about.

It is one of the best rod and reel – combo for kids and newbies at very reasonable price.

2. Shakespeare Two-Piece Medium Heavy Action Ugly Cat Spinning Combo 7-Feet

beginner fishing rod

This product from Shakespeare is available at just around forty dollars. This is one of the best products. The rod is strong and has decent sensitivity, reel is very decent and you can throw it to long distances without any effort. To see also : Hatch Fly Reel Review – Indiana Info. It is versatile product and works well from bass to catfish. You can catch fishes up to 40 lbs easily with it.

The length of the rod is around seven feet and you have to collapse it in order to fit into vans, trucks or cars. The only major complaint about this is that its reel lacks the anti-reverse switch.

3. Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo in Hard Carry Case

spinning reel rod combo

It is great bargain for the price of forty four dollars. It is meant for fresh water fishing but works equally well for reef fishing. The rod is lightweight and has good action. Daiwa mini is good for catching fishes up to five six lbs even with light lures.

The best thing about is portability. You can easily disassemble and fit into the carry case. The case fits easily into backpacks, behind car seats and extremely convenient for you to even carry on planes. It is great for newbies as it very easier to handle.

You have to purchase the line separately as it is not included in the package.

4. Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo

okuma tundra surf spinning rod

One of the great entry level rod available at just forty dollars for sea water fishing. You can easily catch bass or 40 lbs fish without any struggle. Rod is strong, casts well and reel is smooth.

Sometimes the screw that keeps reel handle on will give you slight problems- but nothing to worry about. One of the smartest choice while buying fishing rod from beginner to pro.

Click here to check this Spinning Reel Combo at Amazon

5. Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Combo

zebco 33 spincast fishing combo

At twenty dollars, this combo gives you good value for price. The rod is strong, lightweight and sensitive. It is extremely easy to use and hence good for kids and beginners. It is very good for catching small fishes like pan fish. If you are avid fisher, avoid this one. The reel is average and won’t work in sea water or for bigger fishes.

6. Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod

telescopic spinning fishing rod

Good one for people who loves fishing while on road or while hiking or camping at around sixteen dollars. It collapses well and you can fit it into even on your bike.

At around six feet the reel is short and lacks the ability to cast long distances. Otherwise its perfect for freshwater fishing.

7. Shakespeare Telescoping Spinning Rod

shakespeare telescoping spinning rod

One of the cheapest but the best telescopic rods in the market. It is so compact that you can carry it easily in your golf bag. You can carry it with you while on travel easily.

It is a bit weak but that is to be expected seeing its price but works really well for fishes up to medium size. The rod is good and catches any nibble.

8. Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod

shimano solora 2 piece spinning rod

A sturdy rod with great tip action. Quality is smilar to abu garcia, clarus – at much lower price. It works well in both fresh water and sea water. It easily catches medium sized beams and bass. It is one of the best rods under twenty dollars.It works better with large baits – keep that in mind.

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Best Fly Fishing Rods Under 250

Greys X-Flite Fly Rod

Price: 239$

This grey rod is very impressive and performs well in every test. Although X-Flite is a budget series, the rod is light, well balanced and well equipped like high end fly rods. It is perfect for near and medium-range fishing where precision is an important criteria.


  • It is not perfect for really long casts.
  • It does not have the same resilience as the more expensive Greys models.
  • Warranty: Lifetime to original owner.

Ross Worldwide Essence FC Series

Price: 189$

Ross is a new name in the fly rods market but this rod will establish the presence of the company. The action is smooth and the rod delivers on all criteria as a very good all-rounder rod. It is really good Fly rod that can compete with the best.


  • The rod is slightly heavy but OK for the price.
  • It does not have the resilience of costly rods.
  • Warranty: Lifetime against manufacturing defects for the original owner.

Tica FLEA Fly Casting Fishing Rods

Price: 75.20$

It is perfect rod for those who want to attempt fly fishing without investing too much. The equipment and finish is A-grade with respect to its price. Really good attempt to make under 100 dollar fly rod in the market where even rods for practicing fly fishing costs around 40 dollars!

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Review of Berkley Fishing Rod

For last 60 years, Berkley is a trusted name among fishing public around the world. We will review the three most popular rods of this series in this post.

Berkley Cherrywood Pro Spin

For more than 30 years Cherrywood Pro Spin is one of the favourite spinning rods among fishermen. It combines great design and high specifications with favourable price.

These rods are designed for medium spinning. It is extremely sensitive and strong rod that easily handles big predators (even 4-5 pound fishes) with ease.

Take a look at technologies used in this cherry colored rod:

  • Double-twisted carbon fiber
  • LTS grommets

The natural cork handle gives perfect grip to anglers and is pleasure even under wet conditions. Many anglers prefer this spinning rod because of great looks and modern design.

Suggested Reels: Berkley Fire Line, Shimano Sedona

Final Verdict: This rod is another winner from Berkley. It is amazing combination of cheap price and high quality. It is perfect spinning rod for any angler in the world.

Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Spinning Rod

A 40 dollar rod that catches 20 lb fishes without any problem. Its sleek blanks are made using ultra-light carbon fibers (1k power helix) that give it higher strength and flexibility than other rods in below 50 dollar price range. Cork handle is light on your fingers and the stress is effectively distributed over the blank. A cheap rod that makes fishing fun.

Berkley LR701MHC Casting IM6 Lightning Rod

The great thing about this rod is its amazing quality at low price .It is cheap but not flimsy- a fact that is acknowledged by both pros and amateurs. It is perfect rod for catching pikes and walleye. The handle is easy on your fingers and on top of that it is extremely accurate. Its graphite blank is perfect for medium heavy action. It is better than many 100 dollar rods and that is saying a lot!

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Review of Daiwa Spinning Rods

To date, the Japanese company Daiwa is the largest global manufacturer of modern spinning rods. All Daiwa spinning rods have a handle of high quality Portuguese cork, except for the marine and trolling rods, where the handle is made of foam rubber (Duplon).

The blanks are manufactured from specially formulated graphite HSD (high structural density – the number of graphite with high carbon fibres). This material makes the rod light, resilient and extremely sensitive.

These poles are fast when casting and run the entire length when playing. Thus, the rod jerks dampens the strongest fish, quickly tiring it.

Below we have reviewed the two rods that are economical and perfect for beginners.

Daiwa Aird 1 – Pc. Casting Rod

One of the best spinning rods available under 50$.It is good for both seawater and river fishing. This rod has everything – good casting, light weight and excellent sensitivity. One of the best rod for kids and beginners without a doubt. High end materials make this rod long lasting and you will love its unique -Folding hook keeper feature.

Daiwa Sweepfire Medium Spin Rod, 2 Piece

Daiwa sweepfire is another option that is very cheap (under 25$) without compromising on the quality. It is a 2 piece rod that can detect any bite and hold its own against even big catches. It has excellent feel to it and it’s perfect if you have just started angling. A perfect alignment of the rings gradually reduces the load and provides for the easy distance casting.

Both these spinning rods are ideal for fishing medium predators – pike, walleye, perch, chub, trout and ide and works with different types of lures. Believe me that these inexpensive Diawa rods meet all the requirements of the modern spinning.

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