danielsson control fly reels

Danielsson Control Fly Reels Review

Thinking of going for the “big ones?” Planning a trip of a lifetime to tackle bonefish, permit or tarpon? Not sure if your fly reel is equal to the task? Fear not, for there is a new member of the Danielsson family that has you covered~the Danielsson Control! This revolutionary fly reel features Danielsson’s highly acclaimed, reliable, waterproof disc drag system at it’s core..but thats where the similarities with it’s brethren end. What sets this reel apart from the other big reels in Danielsson’s line up? Listen to this!

danielsson control fly reels

The Danielsson Control Fly Reels Review

1. Anti-reverse (your knuckles are safe!) As large fish are taking line, only the spool rotates. This may interest you : Hatch Fly Reel Review – Indiana Info..not the handle.

2. Built-in “Fighting Brake” in the handle. In traditional anti-reverse reels, the force used cranking the line in can never exceed the strength of the drag system~the fish runs, the reel is in charge. The Danielsson Control reels incorporate what they call a “unique power converter that automatically increases resistance (drag) when you crank the handle, and reduces it when you let the handle go.” Start to finish, the angler is in charge.

3. Control reels have their spools on the frame side. This protects your fingers from the spool when a BIG fish runs at high speeds. This also makes spool change very quick, something not common with anti-reverse reels.

Should your next big adventure find you chasing muskie, salmon or bonefish…or even the toughest game fish fly rodders tangle with like tarpon or sailfish~the Danielsson Control reels put the odds in your favor.

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