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Megoff 23VR Fly Reel Review

While Samuel G.Camp wasnt referring to fly reels, that statement holds true today.

With the selection of fly reels being greater than ever these days, most manufacturers are striving to find their way in a market flooded with good quality, albeit, entry/mid-level gear. When Vladimir Rachenko and Alexander Kaplun set out to design and build fly reels, they had not only the worlds best materials at their disposal, but a background in manufacturing in the aerospace industry. A wealth of knowledge, experience, and world-class manufacturing capability applied to the sport of fly fishing…its no surprise that the results are truly breathtaking.

Early in their work, it seemed the focus was on large arbor, large reels built in small lots. The results were beautiful, and considered to be some of the finest examples of reel making anywhere. This is a quote from their website;

At the College he (Alex) did theoretical and practical research into the dynamics of aircraft landing gear, he also took part in research connected with construction of the soviet space shuttle Buran.

megoff 23vr fly reel

Little wonder that Alex and Vladimir could develop reels that could stop a large salmon! Fortunately for trout fisherman everywhere, Megoff decided to develop some reels geared for lighter, freshwater duty.

The Megoff 23VR fly reel is truly a stunning piece of work. Machined from solid, high-grade titanium the 23VR is not only beautiful, its built to last. The fit and finish of this reel are second to none.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the 23VR has no gearing, left or right hand retrieve is determined by how you wind your fly line onto it. There is a soft clicking sound in both directions and just enough resistance to prevent overrun. The resistance you feel on the spool is created by two over sized ball bearings, and a stainless steel clicker. Simple, reliable system thats very well suited to a reel built for trout fishing with a 2 or 3 weight rod.

Ive spent a tremendous amount of time with this reel and find it to be as much pleasure to look at as it is to use. Megoff have chosen not to simply make their version of what already exists, but to approach building reels with the finest materials, and superior function as the top priorities. A decision to invest in a Megoff reel means that you will enjoy the fruit of this effort~ownership of a reel unlike any other.

A note for those who buy this reel..

These heirloom quality fly reels, due to the amazing properties of titanium, are highly functional, so pass on the urge to hang this jewel of a reel on the wall~take it fishing!

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