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KL Industries Water Tender Row Boat

The KL Industries Water Tender Row Boat (9.4-Feet) looks something between a rowboat and a dingy. The structure tells you that you can use it your liking. It can perform like a rowboat but feels like a dingy. Its hull is shaped like a minster so that you get more space and with increased stability even on restless waters. A wide hull also ensures a peaceful ride while you enjoy peace and tranquility.

Many boats of similar size do not steer straight but this boat is fashioned for its ease of use and the ability to row straight. You do not need to hire a trailer or a boat rack for this; it will easily connect at the back of your pickup without any problems. The KL Industries Water Tender Row Boat (9.4-Feet) is approved by all standards and passed all safety inspections. For additional safety the oarlock sockets are made of stainless steel. With adjustable sockets you can row both from center and endpoints. There are plenty of other things included like stylish seats, drain plugs, drink compartments etc. The hull is guaranteed against any breaches from the occasional collisions with stones and branches.

Features of KL Industries Water Tender Row Boat (9.4-Feet)

  • Can be used as a rowboat or a dinghy
  • Length is only 9 feet 4 inches long
  • Oarlock sockets made out of stainless steel
  • Adjustable sockets lets you row from both center and endpoints
  • Hull and several other parts have a guarantee of two years
  • Supports the mounting of external motors for more speed
  • Excellent seats and drinking compartments
  • Can handle up to 440 pound of weight
  • Approved by Coast Guard
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The Reviews

kl industries water tender boat

As it is relatively new the KL Industries Water Tender Row Boat has had few reviews. With maximum of them being five stars and just one four star it looks very promising. One of the customers who gave it a five star said that the boat is very sturdy and practical. To see also : Danielsson Control Fly Reels Review. He said he was looking for a good boat with a reasonable price for a long time and this finally satisfied him. He mentioned that it being able to mount a mini motor was a plus in his book.

The only person who gave it a four star said that he used a small trolling motor and skid free pads for seating. He used them mainly to prevent slipping and mentioned it should have been taken care by the manufacturer. He enjoyed everything else and said that the price and speedy delivery was worth for his KL Industries Water Tender Row Boat.

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