Sangfor Launches Managed Cloud Services for Your Personalization of Digital Infrastructure

Sangfor Launches Managed Cloud Services for Your Personalization of Digital Infrastructure

HONG KONG – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Managed cloud services are proven to provide the best digital infrastructure and platform, allowing IT administrators to focus on revenue generation needs. Sangfor is pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Sangfor Managed Cloud Services at the upcoming Sangfor EPIC 2021, making professionally managed and protected cloud services accessible to all enterprises.

Sangfor Managed Cloud Services (MCS) means more personalization for regional businesses and global enterprises. MCS provides public cloud convenience and flexibility, and private cloud security, management and service.

Sangfor MCS offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS). Customers choose to have their own dedicated cloud host, storage and networking, or opt for private cloud, data and recovery services, or all of the above.

Sangfor works closely with local partners across APAC, EMEA and America to provide end-to-end managed services, 24/7, streamlining and protecting a customer’s digital transformation journey.

Sangfor MCS is available in over 100 datacenter websites distributed worldwide and is packed with powerful built-in security capabilities. Businesses love the easy emphasis on even local and international standards of compliance. Sangfor also works closely with a partner through a convenient partner portal for the ultimate in professional services.

Sangfor MCS has Developed Unique Solutions including:

The Sangfor MCS TCO is 30% smaller than a public cloud and is the solution of choice for enabling a hybrid cloud strategy with greater security and flexibility. Its cloud native security capabilities are designed to reduce overall investment on network and workforce security solutions, achieving MTTR security goals within 5 minutes and saving at least 35% security TCO.

Sangfor MCS Partners is located throughout China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Italy and other regions worldwide, hosting over 1,000 enterprise-level data centers for customers.

Sangfor Managed Cloud Services is truly a decision worthy of trust and worry-free. Join Sangfor EPIC 2021 to learn more about Managed Cloud Services, and Sangfor’s wide range of cloud and network security solutions. Special thanks to our Sponsors INTEL and SUNDRAY for making Sangfor EPIC 2021 possible.



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