Commvault Reveals Plans to 'Supersize' Managed Services Business

Commvault Reveals Plans to ‘Supersize’ Managed Services Business

Commvault says managed services are a key route for the market, as it launches Metallic for MSP.

Commvault’s EMEA channel head says the vendor has a mission to “oversize” its managed services business.

“We’ve had the MSP business for a long time, but we need to improve it. It’s the key to market entry for the future,” Jamie Farrelly, vice president of EMEA channels and alliances, told Channel Futures. “Being able to offer services to a customer is very important to add value and make a profit as a partner. It has to be absolutely how a partner goes from pushing the traditional approach of resale software to moving to a true model as a service.”

This week Commvault announced the availability of Metallic for MSP. It coincides with the one-year presence of the data protection platform at EMEA.

Farrelly said Commvault already has “a good distribution of existing MSPs that take our existing full technology as MSP SKUs and orchestrate them to services that are coming to market.

“Our goal is to duplicate ourselves, focus on those capable and committed partners and see the growth and vision we are helping them see,” he said.

With # Connections21, it’s the perfect opportunity for our @commvault EMEA Channel Vice President Jamie Farrelly and #MetallicIO EMS Vice President @shainuni to talk to Christine Horton @ Poppett74 of Channel Futures about the current momentum and the latest ads.

– Ian Mackie (@IanRMackie) October 28, 2021

Farrelly said the plan was also to help existing distribution partners move to managed services. He added that Commvault is already working with global design partner SoftwareONE and has three or four more companies aligned to incorporate them.

Metallic as a Door Opener

Metallic as a Door Opener

John Tavares, Commvault’s head of global channel, has said that by 2023, two-thirds of Commvault’s total revenue will come from partners offering managed services. Read also : Verizon Business expands global managed services with Fortinet Secure SD WAN.

In June, Commvault announced a new partner program with specific pricing for managed services. In addition to providing specific subscription fees, the program allows members to reach levels based on the recurring revenue they generate.

Today, Commvault says it has a growing number of MSPs that offer metal-like data management (DMaaS) solutions. This week Veristor, GM Sectec and Data Management Professionals South Africa (DMP SA) have signed up to offer metal-based solutions.

Metallic for MSP is centered around a new MSP portal. Commvault said it “offers partners a globally available, scalable, always up-to-date, secure and supervised platform.”

The vendor said Metallic offers partners data protection for a number of workloads. This can help customers avoid data loss and downtime, protect themselves from cyber threats, and meet growing data demands for data compliance and governance. It does this through “easy SaaS delivery and fast incorporation.”

Farrelly described Commvault’s MSP business as “going through the roof.” With the launch of Metallic MSP, “it will simply be getting bigger,” he said.

Shai Nuni, EMEA vice president, Metallic, described the platform as a “door opener”.

“Fifty percent of our new logos come thanks to Metallica’s SaaS solution,” he said.

“Customers … now see Metallic as the best alternative to the cloud because their existing backup protection systems can’t scale to the level of simplicity we can and support all these different workloads on a smart platform. ligent “.

Commvault also announced Metallic Security IQ this week. Embedded as an optional feature throughout Metallic’s portfolio, the Security IQ control panel provides customers with information about the threats that affect their data landscape and their data backup security stance in their Metallic cloud environments. .

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‘The New Commvault’

‘The New Commvault’

Announcing Metallic two years ago, Commvault’s new CEO Sanjay Mirchandani said, “This is the new Commvault. To see also : What are Managed Services? | Why SMBs Need MSPs in 2021.”

Mirchandani introduced the new executive launch team to the market and promised new growth opportunities.

“When Sanjay got into the business, it was a big transition,” Farrelly said. “This two – year transition has been at the technological level, at the level of outbound sales … At the channel level, this is what I took over nine months ago.

“We’re in growth mode and construction mode, both at the same time. And that’s why it’s so exciting because you have a business that’s growing, but you’re still building at the same time.”

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